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At InTouch Massage all massage therapy sessions are provided in a professional environment by licensed therapists
highly skilled in various massage therapy modalities. Whether you are seeking assistance overcoming an injury or
just want to relax, we can help.

Laila Frais, BS, LMT, a native of Sweden, has been practicing bodywork and massage for over 30 years. Internationally licensed in physical therapy and sensory integration, Laila has worked and taught professionally on four continents, from luxury spas in Europe to Red Cross rehabilitation centers in Africa and the Middle East. Her expertise includes ergonomic work site evaluation and individual ergonomic consulting.

Marc Freedman, BA, LMT began his massage career studying Shiatsu massage in Kyoto Japan in the 1980's. He is nationally certified in sports massage well as therapeutic massage and body work. Marc traveled to Sydney, Australia to provide sports massage to the Olympic athletes during the 2000 Olympic games. He was one of ten therapists from the USA invited to join the international medical team. Sharing his love for his profession, Marc regularly teaches classes in massage and Active Isolated Stretching.

Breck Baker, LMT a Berkshire native is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and body work. Breck began her massage career as a certified equine therapist. Currently she is working toward a degree in nursing and her Bachelors of Science. When not working or studying, Breck can most often be found quietly hiking the surrounding trails with her chocolate lab, Lola.

We gladly make house calls and have gift certificates available. We are open 7 days a week. We regularly teach classes in massage, active Isolated stretching and ergonomics.  For more information or to schedule an appointment,

 Please call 413-458-3235

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